Birdsall Beach Resort

1170 Birdsall Line, RR 3
(705) 696-2116

Overall Rating: 9 [ 9 / 10 ]

  • 6 Staff [ 6 / 10 ]
  • 9 Location [ 9 / 10 ]
  • 10 Cleanliness [ 10 / 10 ]

Date visited: Sun 26 Feb 2012

Birdsall Beach is one of the finest parks I've ever been to. The people there are great, there's tons of things to do and it has a great location. Among the things here are a pool, a massive fishery dock, a beach, a nearby small island, a nearby lagoon, a great forest and a very good golf course. The owners keep it in great shape and it is usually very clean. Everyone there is very friendly and great with newcomers. I would really recommend this park, I love going there and I bet you would to.

Positives: Great location, usually quiet, campers very friendly, clean, lots of things to do, general store, pool, beach, two parks for the kids, well-maintained

Negatives: Owners not the most friendly, general store quite expensive